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This is part of our exotics line if you’re not sure what that means please reach out!

These Blueberry lemonade gummies are refreshing in taste. It contain 25mg of Molly for reference the average dose for Molly is 100-125mg!

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24 reviews for Sky

  1. Jaden2k (verified owner)

    My bestie and I stacked a few of these for a fun girls night in and really enjoyed it! Come up was very nice and subtle, and we woke up feeling refreshed. I was really impressed with the flavor of the gummy, and will definitely be purchasing more in the future!

  2. swiftcookie (verified owner)

    These are AWESOME. Took one of these baddies with a macro gummy and it was the perfect combo for a day dancing at the beach ?

  3. reeferkhalifa (verified owner)

    These things are amazing! Another great, consistent MOOM product ? I have used for festivals, but also just an energy booster for my homework and let me tell you, all my work is complete. Thank you !! The roll is so clean* and the come down is not chaotic. They know what they are doing.

  4. Marezd6212 (verified owner)

    My partner and I stacked to have a full roll, and we took 5 gummies each. The come up was quick, and the entire experience was magical. I got a tiny bit nauseous at the peak, but I’m a sensitive gal and it’s to be expected. My partner and I had an amazing time, and we can’t wait for our next roll with Molly moom ?

  5. SimplyMeXO (verified owner)

    My boyfriend and I took four piece of these and it was absolutely the best feeling I’ve ever felt in my whole life. My boyfriend said it made him feel like he was floating in the air. We had a super good time on them. We were energetic Wide awake laughing, we truly had the best experience on these.

  6. jachaput (verified owner)

    I am loving these. I only take one as a micro-dose, right before my morning run. It’s a perfect start to my day, so uplifting and carries me through the morning rush into early afternoon. Another amazing product from an amazing shop!

  7. khristan1 (verified owner)

    These are AMAZING! Take one (or two ?) to start the day and it’s the best day ever!

  8. Spicyrobo (verified owner)

    Took these right when they were delivered and WOW. They are amazing!

  9. Zaybae1995 (verified owner)

    These are amazing. Like omg!! I am so happy you have these now. They make me feel so lifted and i feel like I can really get in touch with my emotions. I can’t thank you enough. I gave some to my friend who is going through a lot rn and they were so grateful. TTheraputic medicine ? We are so thankful to have your services available to us. <333 much love ??

  10. Em99 (verified owner)

    I have to play around with different dosages but I took 2 of these and did not feel anything! I will say the taste was amazing and I’m a loyal customer to MOOM so I will be repurchasing in the future!

  11. khristan1 (verified owner)

    More review for the customer service, I had a small mishap with an order and I was responded to and corrected literally within minutes. Not just a good product but really good service.

  12. Shrooms4mat (verified owner)

    These are phenomenal. Slight acid reflux with these but that could be the sugar coating. Overall a great product. Marriage counselor in gummy form. Take five and thank me in the morning!!

  13. Djmatt (verified owner)

    These are really good. They taste a little too good cause you want to pop at least 2-3 of these at a time.
    My girlfriend and I took 3-4 each. Took about an hour or so to feel it kicking in. First stomach felt a little nauseous but it went away. Felt so relaxed yet alert and fluid. made out for like 2 hours straight in the early hours of the morning. Talked about random funny stuff for hours.

  14. szettle21 (verified owner)

    Wow. I mean seriously, wow! I bought the 8 pack and my partner and I each took 4 to experience a full roll. My experience felt lighter than what he described, but it was still just amazing. The taste was better than anticipated for what the product is lol, and the come up & come down are so much lighter than anything I’ve tried before. I can’t wait to try it again and maybe up the dose a lil bit to see what it’s like!

    Also the customer service is hands down while I’ll be a returning customer; I reached out to them in IG dms and said I totally slipped on ordering in time & needed it before the weekend. They had it shipped out THAT DAY and I had my order the day before my event. Thank you guys times a million; I SO appreciate all you guys do!

  15. Lizzyoz (verified owner)

    All I can say is wow! This product is so clean and works wonders. I took 3 last night for Halloween weekend and definitely felt it but it also wasn’t super over powering, it was perfect. I tried micro dosing as well and when I tell you I literally finished all my assignments and didn’t procrastinate at all! Love this product and will be a returning customer and you can count on that 🙂

  16. Haellijo (verified owner)

    Unfortunately for the price I don’t think it’s worth it. Typically you can buy a gram for about $80-100, maybe $120 depending on where you get it. I spent $150 for 500mg (.5 gram.. 20 gummies) but I wanted to try the gummy form and the reviews are all good. My boyfriend and I took 5 gummies each which should be a good solid trip. After an hour we did feel a good happy feeling, but we definitely were not where we should have been with a dose of 125mg. We redosed at that point with the remaining 5 gummies since we could tell it was very low. Overall we did have a good time and we felt “something” but for those who are wondering if this is the real deal.. I would say probably not. Not trying to be negative, just honest. I would have tried to reach out to the site owner first but the contact page is blank.

  17. FrugalPlayer (verified owner)

    These are really good & clean…felt totally fine the next morning. I’m a bit of a heavyweight so I start out with 5 and then wait an hour. I never felt nauseous at all. Nice subtle come up and then you’re in. Will definitely buy again !

  18. kan.izx (verified owner)

    First time trying this! Definitely was out of my comfort zone but I trust MOOM so I had to try this out and it did not disappoint! I felt a light euphoric feeling, it was an awesome feeling!

  19. Miarayne1 (verified owner)

    Wow. What a great time, every time! For us, two gummies gives great energy and focus, and maybe 4 or 5 if you’re heading out for a night of dancing or want to have some beautiful moments at a house party Ect. So fun! I’d recommend starting with 2 though if it’s your first time:)

  20. throughbeingcool (verified owner)

    i can’t believe these worked. great product. taste was alright; there was some expected bitterness. my partner and i are experienced, so we each took 6 gummies. we waited 4 hours after eating to take them. my come up started around 20 minutes in, and my partner around 40 minutes. my roll was a good 3 hours, and my partner closer to 2. these might be expensive compared to street molly, but you’re paying for the convenience. no sketchy meetup, delivered right to your door (i think mine took 4 days), and gummy form means you can take it just about anywhere no questions asked. i am impressed. thank you for your services, i will be buying again.

  21. MandaPanda (verified owner)

    Been meaning to make this review for a minute. Mostly I micro with these & they’re amazing. Caffeine can really effect my stomach, but these don’t & they have an added mood lift. I like to split up 1 into 6ths & take 2-4 lil cubes toward the start of the afternoon some day, & that will give me more energy all the way into the evening.
    My partner & I have also done a 4-5 full cube roll, & the comeup & down were so smooth, & it was just a lovely, energetic, & happy experience. All in all I would highly recommend. I get it can be cheaper elsewhere, but the quality can be dangerously bad & the experience way worse. This is high quality & consistent (I’ve been buying regularly for months).

  22. Omar1313 (verified owner)

    Smooth and clean. Consistent

  23. Darbs (verified owner)

    Super fun. Very clean. Made me think what the hell has been in the stuff I was buying in the past ! No rlly harsh come down at all and I respect why you keep them at a lower dose and a little more $$ than usual cuz it just keeps people safer it’s easy to get addicted like I saw u explain on ur ig:)

  24. teamfreewill23 (verified owner)

    My fiancé and I took 5 gummies each for a show. The come up was very gradual and clean. It didn’t fully kick in for us until an hour and a half after we’d taken them. It lasted almost two hours for both of us. It was such a beautiful time. I would highly recommend.

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