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These Micro Gummies come in .25g for a daily dose. Each gummy is .25g


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These Micro Gummies come in .25g for a daily dose. Each gummy is .25g


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4, 8, 12, 20, 28


Blue Raspberry, Watermelon, Peach, Mix

38 reviews for Micro Gummy

  1. aanch916 (verified owner)

    These were so yummy and wonderful! A great calm feeling, took them before I went out in a boat and the water was beautiful and felt so refreshing splashing on my face!

  2. dosethemoon (verified owner)

    This gummies are DELICIOUS (you’ve been warned ?)! Snagged some to share with friends on a long weekend getaway, and we had the giggliest, most fun & connected time together. 10/10 recommend!

  3. Viciousdarlin (verified owner)

    I ordered 4 of the .25 blue raspberry and took 2 at a time and it was the PERFECT amount and they are delicious!! I have severe anxiety and it was as if all the worries melted away. I colored and went swimming and had the best time! I just placed my second order and can’t wait!!

  4. Lunarkitty928 (verified owner)

    I ordered the peach gummies and they were absolutely amazing .Both the taste and the experience were magical .The detailed dosing guide and instructions were extremely helpful and informative. It helped me feel confident starting my journey with MOOM. I just placed my third order with MOOM. I am a customer for life . 10/10 Love it !

  5. vivi1204 (verified owner)

    My husband and I each had one and we were surprised (in a good way). Kicked in about 30min and we felt giggly, warm and fuzzy. We loved it and can’t wait to have another stay-at home bonding day. Customer service is beyond outstanding and so grateful for the extra little goodies. It is so sweet and thoughtful. You gained another customer for life!

  6. osorio_francinne_ (verified owner)

    The blue raspberry gummies are so yummy!!! I was very nervous taking them since it was my first time micro dosing, but I FEEL AMAZING!! Definitely buying them again <3 I’m so glad I found MOOM on tiktok!

  7. Valecia Bryant (verified owner)

    These have truly provided so much healing as I am “coming back to myself” . Working through my traumas with this has truly been a blessing ??

  8. cygniavenue (verified owner)

    i got a mix of all the flavors and let me just say they’re all tasty! the watermelon is definitely my favorite though. this was my very first order from moom and my first time microdosing and i will definitely be ordering more. for the first time in a long time i have motivation and inspiration, and am savoring the little joys in life so much more 🙂

  9. Jennifercorrenti (verified owner)

    Ordered the blue raspberry gummies & got a .2g raspberry lemonade instant mix with my purchase. Both were amazing. The gummies gave me a noticeable shift in positive energy. The mix was one of the best experiences I’ve had. I had never felt happier and felt like I was floating on a cloud. Some visuals. 10/10 recommend.

  10. Snazd (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed these gummies. I purchased an 8 count and took 2 at a time and it was a great, relaxing, and happy experience. Will be purchasing again 🙂

  11. auttielee (verified owner)

    I ordered 8 of the .25g and was shook! These taste like candy and are super consistent. Which was a worry of mine with it being a gummy. But I was totally wrong. These were perfect for me to do tasks around the house while being able to make some progress with healing. I’m so happy I came across microdosing and I’m SO HAPPY I found MOOM.

  12. CeeJay (verified owner)

    Just a joy from start to finish <3 (both the product and the experience of buying from Moom!) It's a rare and important thing these folx are doing bringing such beautiful and consistent products to the people. About to re-order – Thank you!

  13. tuskJohnson (verified owner)

    I ordered the blue raspberry flavor and my goodness these are delicious! I take one every two days for a micro and it just melts all my worries away and puts me into a state of bliss. These are definitely my regular choice now!

  14. abendall (verified owner)

    I love these gummies! I’ve super enjoyed getting into microdosing with these! Perfect for everyday or some fun with friends 🙂

  15. gclzd_ (verified owner)

    The watermelon flavor is so delicious! Next purchase I’ll be getting a mixture just to try all the flavors. I’m a newbie to microdosing and I have nothing but good things to say about MOOM products and the owner! This gummy brings me such happiness and takes all my anxiety and worries away!

  16. Tlcordy (verified owner)

    My first order were the blue raspberry micro gummies. I was so impressed with how tasty they were! Also felt great! Can’t wait to try other flavors!

  17. verokz21 (verified owner)

    My new fav micro gummy! The watermelon was delicious and they really have a great consistency. Gives me energy, clears my mind and overall just feels really good. Will be ordering more soon.

  18. cherrywiththeband (verified owner)

    Started my microdosing journey recently with moom and it’s been nothing short of magical. These are the perfect way to boost my day and really feel present and joyous.

  19. KyjahanaM (verified owner)

    Ordered an 8 count of the blue raspberry gummies and they’re SO yummy! They literally taste like candy. I took them on a trip to the springs and they were the perfect addition. My mood was boosted and felt so at one with the springs and nature around me. Will definitely order again but with a mix of flavors!

  20. Joymblount (verified owner)

    Ordered the blue raspberry micro gummies and felt so peaceful and happy. Was smiling all day and was so giggly, will definitely order again.

  21. JAFerraro73 (verified owner)

    I ordered the assorted flavors and literally had to control myself from eating them all. They’re so delicious! The quality is impeccable. Moom’s customer service is top notch. My precious vendors quality had started to deteriorate and I’m so thankful I found this company. ?

  22. asobol (verified owner)

    Great flavors, great vibes. A perfect way to spend an afternoon.

  23. Sarazettle (verified owner)

    The watermelon ones are my all-time fave!! This is my second time getting some and I just love. Recently ordered the mix simply because these watermelon ones were not only delicious but the perfect dose for a micro but are also so buildable. I’ve been taking 1 for a microdose day, but 3+ for when I wanna start noticing more. Can’t wait to try my mixed jar this weekend and will definitely be placing another order soon

  24. Ktk3109 (verified owner)

    These are absolutely delightful. The perfect taste and not too strong effects. Just pure bliss

  25. Den130 (verified owner)

    Ordered 4 gummies my first time and loved them. Took 1 gummy for my first time and it helped calm my anxiety. The send day I took 2 gummies and wow definitely felt a difference I felt more energy and happy.

  26. Jmoore2397 (verified owner)

    These are the my fave part of my week I and really help motivate me and keep me going through long weeks! Thanks for being so reliable 🙂

  27. jcpv (verified owner)

    So tasty and such a fun little snack too. Don’t get too lost eating these cause one will be enough! But the taste will keep you wanting more. Gave me such a boost in my mood, couldn’t stop smiling:)

  28. tuskJohnson (verified owner)

    These do one thing incredibly well, and that’s put a smile on your face. The mantra rings true, when you live life with a smile on your face nothing can get in your way! I use these for a microdose. I’m so surprised how delicious they taste as I’ve had other gummies that taste like dirt

  29. lowluxe (verified owner)

    Hi! Its 11:11 while I type this ?? lol but I was so happy with my first order, and see myself being a loyal customer going forward! These gummies really helped me feel at peace and I can’t wait to try more products. Thank you so much!!

  30. szettle21 (verified owner)

    Back again to review the mixed gummies! The watermelon ones are still my favorite flavor, but all of them are super consistent in potency and honestly just taste like a gummy snack. My man could eat a whole pack of the peach ones just for the flavor lol! I took a pack of the mixed gummies to share with friends for a concert (taking .5g, 2 gummies each) and it was such a fun experience. We felt physically relaxed, danced so freely & giggled all night. I’ve loved every moom product that I’ve ordered, but this one is my favorite for social outings & to share with friends; so buildable and easy for beginners.

  31. finnybear23 (verified owner)

    I bought the Blue Raspberry Micro Gummy – 20 × 1. I ended up splitting some with my partner and it was an amazing trip! I use it recreationally more than medicinally but it really helped me feel in touch with my emotions and feelings. I thought I was on cloud nine, my whole body felt light and airy and every touch was sensitive in a good warm way. I am definitely going try these again alongside some other MOOM products that catch my eye 😉

  32. Spond1435 (verified owner)

    Tried these this past weekend with my partner. He took two, I took one, and it was so much fun! What an amazing night of chats, laughs and love. Will forever be a moom luver <3

  33. Imanichristineh (verified owner)

    These gummies are THE TRUTH!! I took two gummies at a time and let me tell you all the anxiety went away and the focus was there in a way it’s never been for me. I highly recommend these for any college students that may struggle with studying and finding motivation.

  34. anthys (verified owner)

    i have been dosing with these for a few weeks and they have been so helpful for my anxiety 🙂 i got the assorted flavors and the watermelon were by far my favorite. thank you, moom!!

  35. Jmoore2397 (verified owner)

    I have been a fan for a few months now and hands down the best and most reliable business. Also they taste even better really pushes me through my week.

  36. Chrisp15 (verified owner)

    My GF found MOOM thru her Tiktok. Whenever I took shrooms I had them raw, so Having a new way to enjoy them is great! I ordered these and absolutely loved them. they taste amazing! Usually just microdose with one but my gf and I took a couple one day and had a beautiful time in the city. so excited to order more items soon!

  37. Amalexander (verified owner)

    Love all of the flavors! Perfect for concert going and time in nature.

  38. khristan1 (verified owner)

    The tastiest way to micro dose!

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