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Instant MOOM Brew



Add hot or iced water, stir, enjoy!!! These are individual single use packets.

Ingredients: Columbian Coffee, Cane Sugar

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.2G, .3G, .5G, 1G, 1.5G, 2G

7 reviews for Instant MOOM Brew

  1. ashmcd (verified owner)

    Delicious! I would buy a whole pack of these if I could. It was the perfect cup of coffee to start my day! Taste was just like any of my favorite brews, better even!

    • moomofficial

      Thank you!!! I’m so glad you liked it! We do have the Bulk which has 7 MOOM Brews

  2. DadderyAndAssault (verified owner)

    Amazing! I bought this as my first try of moom and it was so good!I 10000% recommend!

  3. szettle21 (verified owner)

    Bought the .3g for a nice weekend morning micro & it was just perfect. Enjoyed the sunshine, was noticeably more giggly and carefree. This was my first time trying the brew but will definitely be purchasing more!!

  4. Rooster (verified owner)

    Fast and efficient service. I just brewed my first cup of coffee and it is as advertised, delicious. Thanks for the additional information, very helpful. Very satisfied customer!

  5. cygniavenue (verified owner)

    i decided to try moom brew for my first macro experience. i made a little iced latte prepared using the instructions, with some vanilla syrup and a splash of oat milk, and it was delicious! i got the 1.5g and that dose was just perfect for my first go around, i had a wonderful time drawing and listening to music and felt very relaxed and carefree and connected with the earth. it was an amazing experience, thank you moom!

  6. iamams (verified owner)

    I would take these on days I anticipated as a “high stress day” based on my workload and the nature of it and it always made a difference in mitigating those situations later on! I will say my average when starting was .25 so this was definitely reserved for specific days, otherwise .25 or .3 was where I needed to be without feeling like I overdid it. (Personally I think the addition of caffeine made a difference as well, naturally!)

  7. iamams (verified owner)

    My last review was for the .5 amount, I think the .3 packets are perfect for going micro at the start of your day and easy to build on!

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