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Our DMOOMT vape is here! This is a limited release just to test the waters and see how our clients respond. I want everyone to know this is priced high because a little goes a long way! This half gram disposable pen comes charged and can be charged with a standard micro usb. Seeing as how each trip only takes 3-5 hits this vape can be used well over 50 times. Possibly way more but I’m saying 50 just to be safe. A trip lasts anywhere from 10-15 minutes but it is a very wild journey!

7 reviews for DMOOMT

  1. holson (verified owner)

    I had a really good experience! This was my first time doing DMT and I had a wonderful experience! At first I didn’t really take big hits and had some lighter trips but once I took longer hits it really amped up and it was amazing!! Thank you Moom!

  2. Baghe3ra (verified owner)

    5/5?? . Thank you moom !! Was really nervous upon initially just doing it , but once I decided to let go and surrender to the magic in this . Time distorted completely for about the first 10 mins . After the holding in of the first hit, for me I instantly started to morph into this 4 dimensional sacred geometry visualization therapy. It’s almost impossible to explain . My advise -follow mooms instructions and be prepared to just surrender yourself completely to the bliss and profound wisdom this brings . I did have a trip sitter , which helped because we both experienced our own trips in our own ways and went to our own places , and had guide incase we went to far south . Highly recommend . This is the king of hallucinogens , just definite care and caution prior to taken this is highly recommended. 5/5 again .

  3. MNR (verified owner)

    Pleasantly surprised! I knew I was in for a good time, and heard so many things but I was surprised by how relaxing and soothing the experience was.

  4. Katlovesdancing (verified owner)

    So I had no clue what this was when I ordered, I thought it was a vaporizer version of moom bites/gummies etc. when I realized it was a totally different entity, I was really hesitant so just did tiny little inhales to see what happened. These mini trips felt like being awake on ambien- some mild visuals/distortion and was really interesting. As I got more comfortable I laid on my porch swing at night and took deeper hits and deeper trips while star gazing- all I can say is wow- I felt connected to nature almost like I became a part of it. I highly recommend being in a safe outdoor space and letting yourself enjoy the ride. It also leaves me with inner peace and a feeling of deep connection for the hours after if I do this during the day. I never had a “sitter” but I had a grounding object to look at in case it got too intense. Ten stars.

  5. Jrj97 (verified owner)

    Hard to put into words how amazing this trip was! Felt like a beautiful deep dive in my soul. Worth every penny, forever grateful for Moom giving access to such healing items.

  6. xomby (verified owner)

    super powerful + intense, exactly what I was hoping for!! i’ve had incredible experiences when I’ve used this, both calming + fun AND stressful and overwhelming. I can recommend it either way, although obviously know yourself and it can be taken in smaller breaths for a high without the full intensity of the experience if that’s what you’re looking for 🙂 10/10 will definitely buy again if this stays in stock!!

  7. MBurdi33 (verified owner)

    One word. Wow. What an experience…

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