Micro Cidy Lights

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This is 25ug per cidy light for a nice micro 🙂

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This is 25ug per cidy light for a nice micro 🙂

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11 reviews for Micro Cidy Lights

  1. yilly2222 (verified owner)

    Took one before a flight and it went amazing, chilled above the skies listening to music and vibing ? love you MOOM!

  2. Skadak (verified owner)

    Took one yesterday and was not expecting to feel it as much as I did but it was amazing. I was in a great state of happiness and feeling a little out there but was still able to do things that I needed to do. Highly recommend. I’m working it into my micro schedule and will update in a few weeks. Thanks Moom!

  3. tripcidder1323 (verified owner)

    so groovy! boyfriend and I took one each and painted and talked for hours, so very healing! we < 3 moom!

  4. tuskJohnson (verified owner)

    WOW! My wife and I each took .5g and went to a local amusement park. We had the most magical spiritual time and it ended up being a night we will remember forever!

  5. Livingeazy65 (verified owner)

    Love this, took one the other day. Talk about pure bliss. Thanks moom for such a clean amazing product!

  6. kendallmekinley (verified owner)

    These are AMAZING! We took a couple each and had the best time just talking and watching movies. these felt incredible and magical!

  7. Em99 (verified owner)

    My husband and I tried this two different times since I got the 8 count and both experiences were very different but amazing! This first time we both took 50ug (2) and I experienced light visual changes like swirls and waves and my husband said he felt the same. We laughed for hours and stayed up all night talking about so many different things. I felt a great sense of connection with him and also had deeper thinking which I really loved. The second time we took it a few weeks later, I did not have any visuals but still had a happy feeling all around and had the best laughs. We really want to try this again but try taking a true micro dose of 25 ug to see the differences. Love this product and am excited to experiment some more!

  8. anthys (verified owner)

    i love these!! they are perfectly dosed and amazing when taking just one or when taking a few. i love having one before i go out dancing 🙂 will definitely buy again!

  9. cygniavenue (verified owner)

    i took .5ug and felt amazing! had a great time painting outdoors in the sun and felt so happy and connected to the earth 🙂 thank you moom!

  10. Lixl0lzxblack (verified owner)

    I took only 2, didn’t think it was going to hit me hard, but it did. The come up gave me so much anxiety, but the climax was such a beautiful thing I’ve never experienced as well as the come down. I would definitely try these again. The visuals were definitely there, it was such a nice thing to look.

  11. JKae (verified owner)

    This is my second time taking one micro and all I can say is I feel amazing. I might just be sensitive to it but they are a bit strong for me but I still love them ??

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