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Cidy Lights (100ug)



This is part of our exotics line if you’re not sure what that means please reach out!

This is 100ug per cidy light for a nice time. Take as a pill.

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4, 8, 12, 16

4 reviews for Cidy Lights (100ug)

  1. Danbi_ (verified owner)

    Yes yes yes YES. An absolutely amazing time – spent time outside, painting and listening to music. Really truly wonderful.

  2. Sarahelaine55 (verified owner)

    Give such a good experience! Amazing vibes and energy!

  3. APDizzle7 (verified owner)

    Phenomenal, elevating, powerful, magical!!

    Moom, you’ve done it again! This was pure bliss. It keeps you in control while providing one of the most profound experiences you will ever have. Every second of the experience was positive and motivating. You couldn’t ask for a better source! One is beautiful, more is ineffable if you’re ready. Perfect for camping too!

  4. whitmandustin (verified owner)

    absolutely amazing product. instructions were a little unclear, the sticker that came on the little tin said “do not chew”. was unsure if that meant to let it sit on your tongue or to take it like a pill. we chose to just take it like a pill. effects kicked in a little after an hour of taking it and it was amazing. if youve never done these before i reccomend taking either one or going for the micro cidy lights. i took 2 macros and it was definitely worth it. taking one would have been enough, even. thank you, moom 🙂

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