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Black Peach Tea MOOM Juice



MOOM Juice comes with a MOOM Dust pouch when you’re ready to drink add in your MOOM Dust, shake and enjoy. Must be refrigerated. Color may vary due to ingredients.

Ingredients: MOOM, filtered water, sugar, citric acid, tea, natural flavors

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.2g, .5g, 1g, 2g, 3g

8 reviews for Black Peach Tea MOOM Juice

  1. Volleyaero (verified owner)

    This tea was absolutely delicious! It tasted just like the Snapple peach tea and you can’t even tell it’s been infused with anything. My roommate and I both got different dosages but we had such a good time. We ended up watching some movies and having a painting day. Definitely the best day we both had in a long time!

  2. sabrinanat (verified owner)

    The tea was amazing!! It really does taste like the peach Snapple, I was afraid it wouldn’t taste good but it was very enjoyable and the effects are even better!

  3. jbolt (verified owner)

    So good!! taste is wonderful and the 2g was such a nice dosage

  4. kendallmekinley (verified owner)

    This tea was delicious and my friend and I had a blast with it. We thankfully didn’t experience any nausea. Just felt happy, silly, and inspired.

  5. Measiue89 (verified owner)

    First time experience!! Me and my husband split .5g and it was amazing!! I suffer from depression and this showed me the beauty that surrounds us. I never noticed the small things and this enlightened me.

  6. lillielowd (verified owner)

    this tea is SO yummy! i ordered the .5 tea and had an amazing trip by myself. i’ve ordered this 3 or 4 times now i love it so much!

  7. ashleytheestie (verified owner)

    Delicious and super refreshing 🙂 the perfect micro to carry me through my day!

  8. akandrac (verified owner)

    i’ve never felt as good as these little juices make me feel! the best trip with the best products made by the best women??

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