Dosage Guide


Half dose – 500mg to 1g
This will deliver a subtle but noticeable level of body high and giddiness. Those with lower tolerances may start to have visual experiences.

Full dose – 1g to 2g
This should embark you on a full-on trip. With this dosage you’ll have the body high and may begin to see visual anomalies (think objects swaying and fractal patterns) along with other sensory amplifications.

Deep dose – 2g to 3g
This is entering serious dose territory. You may experience a heightened sense of “oneness” with the natural elements and people around you, and powerful visual and auditory hallucinations. You might also receive new, unfamiliar patterns of thought.

Heroic dose – 3g+
Anything beyond 3 grams could be considered a “heroic” dose. A dose this strong should be taken under supervision, with preparation, and in the pursuit of an intentional goal. Doses this strong are for experienced users.

Directions for Use

  • Set a clear intention or energy
  • Get comfy!
  • Submit to the experience