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First off the taste is so yummy, just taste like chocolate pretzels ish lol, second, the experience was lovely, I only took 2 squares + a small broken piece (got the 5g) so .66-.75mg ish and oo wee was not expecting to experience anything other than maybe a mood boost and maybe brighter colors but I got more than I bargained for and saw mild visuals…nothing crazy but very cool for a first time experience 🙂 will 100% be taking a bigger dose in the future when I’m ready but that small experience was lovely as hell! 10/10 will be buying again in the future!
DAFFODILDAZEClassic Lemonade
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Delicious and fast shipping. The effects were mesmerizing and lasted for at least 4 hours! I cried a lot but it was a wonderful enlightening experience.
KENDALLMEKINLEYBlack Peach Tea Moom Juice
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This tea was delicious and my friend and I had a blast with it. We thankfully didn’t experience any nausea. Just felt happy, silly, and inspired.
OSORIO_FRANCINNE_Blue Raspberry Micro Gummy
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The blue raspberry gummies are so yummy!!! I was very nervous taking them since it was my first time micro dosing, but I FEEL AMAZING!! Definitely buying them again <3 I’m so glad I found MOOM on tiktok!
CEEJAYMicro Gummy
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Just a joy from start to finish <3 (both the product and the experience of buying from Moom!) It's a rare and important thing these folx are doing bringing such beautiful and consistent products to the people. About to re-order – Thank you!
KALYCALIMicro Moom Beans
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Just perfect, honestly. I’m so grateful to have found MOOM, I’ve ordered back to back for the last few months and regret nothing. They can have all my $, these are made perfectly. Not ever too overwhelming and just the right amount to encourage your healing and lift you up the right way.
EM99Micro Cidy Lights
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My husband and I tried this two different times since I got the 8 count and both experiences were very different but amazing! This first time we both took 50ug (2) and I experienced light visual changes like swirls and waves and my husband said he felt the same. We laughed for hours and stayed up all night talking about so many different things. I felt a great sense of connection with him and also had deeper thinking which I really loved. The second time we took it a few weeks later, I did not have any visuals but still had a happy feeling all around and had the best laughs. We really want to try this again but try taking a true micro dose of 25 ug to see the differences. Love this product and am excited to experiment some more!
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loved this ! been a moom customer for a bit now and have enjoyed every product for the most part. i am a bit of an experienced user at this point as well and this does wonders for me. easy to mix in drinks, add to food, or even by itself. it does of course have a heavy shroom taste though, since the dose is so high – but it gets easily covered up when it’s mixed with things. you can choose how big or low of a dose you want with this too, so it works out great! would definitely get again if moom decides to keep this as a regular product :3
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Got our Molly Moom yesterday! It was my birthday, so it was like a present? my fiancé and I each took 2 and it was such a pleasant experience. We felt so connected and loved every minute. We woke up feeling great! Thank you so much ? we will be ordering again soon!